Oxygen Optimization

Optimize Cell Function


We love what we do. We love making people lives better. But, sometimes it can be a hard journey. We use all the tools in our toolbox, but with the poor absorption factors of most adults today , intake of anti nutrients such as coffee and alcohol, and the high cost and inconvenience of actually taking ALL the supplements that are needed not just to correct a problem for prevention and health optimization, it can be frustrating for both patient and practitioner.


By actually repairing and optimizing oxidation pathways, absorption is higher and the supplements you take will actually work.

Think of your bodies pathways as an assembly line, with all the pieces moving in a well-choreographed dance. Eventually some of the pieces get slightly damaged and just don’t quite line up properly and the pathway no longer functions as well or may even misfire. Leading to more cellular damage and causing reduced utilization of oxygen, nutrients, compromised detoxification and reduced cellular function. This happens in all of us; causes include stress, poor diets, acidity, over or under exercise, genetics and simply aging. So, the million dollar question is how to optimize these pathways. Perhaps we should call it a billion dollar question if we look at actual medical spending.

How to make these pathways work again? The method currently used by MD is to often bypass this pathway all together, like with proton pump inhibitors? Thyroid? estrogen?. Instead of fixing the pathway they simply block or bypass it.

The orthomolecular or functional medical approach is to over supplement, hoping that SOME of the substance will make it where it needs to go and thus, the pathway’s end results are seen.

We throw anti oxidants, trying to repair some of the damage done to the cell, and prevent more from happening.
Nano vi actually come in and realigns the assembly line, now the supplement isn’t just going to try to make it in but does. The pathway start to work properly, causing improved cellular metabolism, better oxygen utilization and repair and enhancement to the processes in your body.

We’re sick of making patients pay these high bills in supplements, knowing that not only is absorption a factor (especially when low quality, ___ brands are being bought) but that since pathways are not function optimally, the supplement are doing even less.