Meditation and Hypnotherapy

I once spent 10 days in Thailand at a silent meditation retreat – an experience I highly recommend, but let’s face it, most of us can’t slip away for 10 days to focus on ourselves (oh the pre-kids, mortgage, work responsibility days).anxiety-1337383_1280

Countless studies are now showing us, that through mental training the brain can permanently be altered, a process now referred to as top-down plasticity (Begley, 2007).

WE have different brain waves in our body, each responsible for different functions. Our Beta waves help us connect to the outside world, while our Delta waves are necessary for healing, nutrition and repair through out the body. Those stuck in a sympathetic dominant state (flight or flight ) will show increased beta waves as they ‘need’ to be aware of the world around them ‘in case’ they need to respond. Problem is, the body needs to go into Delta and Theta mode in order to heal and rejuvenate, just one of the many reasons why ‘stress’ can affect all areas in our body.

Meditation and hypnosis allow us to go deeper into these delta and theta waves, allowing healing and restoration. PET scans show thought during deep relaxation or hypnosis, the left pre frontal lobe, which is associated with positive feeling, is activated and the right pre frontal lobe, which is associated with anxiety, activity decreases

mental-1389919_1280Using this knowledge, experiments have been conducted on patients with anxiety, depression and OCD, all showing significant improvement when mindfulness and hypnotherapy techniques.

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