Your Body’s Best Detoxifier and Anti-Oxidant

Benefits of Glutathione

1. Wonder drug of anti-aging
2. Recycles anti-oxidants
3. Decreases inflammation
4. Master of Immune system
5. Liver protection
6. Increases energy
7. Detoxification

In almost every cell in the human body, glutathione quenches free radicals getting the ‘rust’ out of our systems. Stress, free radicals, pollutants, exogenous hormones, fasting, and poor diet can deplete your glutathione stores.
There is a huge amount of research that glutathione is extremely beneficial in detoxification with the liver being your biggest reserve.

Free radicals are continually formed as byproducts of aerobic metabolism (everyday living) and through reactions with drugs and environmental toxins. These nasty rascals are now free to cause havoc in your body, namely damaging your DNA, proteins and unsaturated lipids. They have been implicated in numerous pathological illnesses, including cancer, cell injury, chronic degenerative disease and aging. Let’s say that free radicals cause toxicity in your system.

Your cells have several protective mechanisms to reduce the toxic potential of these compounds.
Glutathione Peroxidase. Glutathione is probably the most important of a group of enzymes that convert toxic oxygen intermediates to harmless byproducts. It’s main role is to detoxify hydrogen peroxide which is formed as an intermediate in the breakdown of oxygen in your body.

The only way the body can absorb glutathione is via injection, IV therapy or nebulization (best for colds and immune support).