German Biological Medicine

A healthy body is less likely to develop diseases

German Biological medicine is based on the premise that in a healthy terrain, disease can not flourish. Like a well designed and oiled machine or assembly line, our body functions optionally, when it can. However, add some rust to the system, throw in a malfunctioning part, and like that assembly line, things start to back up, fall off the line and overall go haywire.

I have travelled to both German and Switzerland to lean this ideology first hand, and find that this helps me get results fast. I use a number of in house assessment tools such as Darkfield microscopy (where together we look at your blood magnified 1000 X), acidity testing, zinc tally testing, GI test (via first morning urine) and adrenal function tests to help us get a baseline and better pin point what might be the root cause of your malady.