Brain Health

Let’s Optimize your Brain!

If I had to choose just one area in my body that was optimal, I would have to go with my head. I want to be happy, full of energy, focused, sharp and on. It all starts at the brain, even stress – sure, we talk about adrenal glands and the stress hormone it produces, but how does it know to be stressed, the brain tells it. And the more the brain tells it to be stressed, neuroplastic changes occur in the brain centre, making the part of our brain that tells the rest of the body to be stressed bigger.brain-health

Epigenetic changes (lifestyle factors) as described above play a big role in why we seem to be getting a little more stressed, worried, angry, grumpy, teary, forgetful and sad. The good news is that these changes can be reversed.

Studies show that these changes can even occur in the womb, explaining why some kids just seem to be more anxious than others, even if their siblings are not. With the rate of anxiety and other brain issues increasing alarmingly in all age groups, brain health has moved to the top of my list of areas of interest.

In search of the best brain health solutions, I have become a certified hypnotherapist, a HeartMath consultant, I have imported machines such as the NanoVi oxygen optimization machine, have been trained in Neurofeedback, counselling and have given numerous seminars on the topic myself.