About Me


I’m passionate about helping people feel amazing, confident and full of energy. I’ve combined my passions – fitness, naturopathy, and neuroscience, to shape my clinical focus on brain health. I will help educate, guide and motivate you to achieve your ideal health goals.

My goal is identify the BEST treatment method for each patient, I became a Naturopath not because I feel that ‘natural remedies’ are the only way (although they usually are the best) but because it gives me a wider scope of treatment modalities, so my patients and I can come up with the BEST treatment for them to reach their goals. Naturopathic doctors recently obtained prescription writes and I recently wrote a grueling pharmacological prescribing exam, so yes, we have the knowledge and some prescribing authority if we need to go that route too. To make true progress, all areas must be addressed, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, stress, mental and emotional states, deficiencies, possible blockages – and only Naturopathic doctors have the training and qualifications.

Health Explorer

I love learning new medicines and new forms of treatments. I’ve devoted my life to finding the best solutions for all types of ailments and maladies. I’ve studied everything from German Biological Medicine to Hypnotherapy, IV Therapy to Acupuncture and everything in between.



Motivational Speaker

I am an avid lecturer and motivational speaker, I have spoken at the Toronto Yoga show, at numerous corporate events in the GTA and medical lectures throughout Canada.


2015 ASPIRE Award Recipient
2015 Business Excellence Award Finalist